Better lap times with professional data recording. The all in one video and analysis system.

Manufacturer: Race Navigator
Product type: Data Analysis

Action price (without VAT): 2 192 EUR , Price (without VAT): 2 260 EUR
Action price (VAT included): 2 653 EUR, Price (VAT included): 2 735 EUR



The RN ONE is the compact all-rounder among the RN systems. The unit can be mounted on the windscreen in a few easy steps.  After mounting, the RN ONE is immediately ready for use. It can be controlled via the large touch screen monitor. Two integrated cameras for track and interior recordings record picture-in-picture videos in HD. A third camera (either HD or Full-HD) can be optionally connected and flexibly installed in the vehicle. Its many features, simple handling and compact design make the RN ONE the ideal system for ambitious trackday enthusiasts and professional racers.

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Manufacturer Race Navigator

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