Fulfill your dream and become a car racer at least for a while!

Basic information

"BE A RACE DRIVER" is a year-round training program with the race cars Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, BMW M4 GT4 G82 and BMW M4 G82 Competition Trackday Evo for those of you who want to fulfill your dream of becoming a car racer.
All this with complete professional support and 1: 1 coaching of the Šenkýř Motorsport team. We will guide you through the entire training process, as we do with our racing drivers, and gradually bring you closer to their level.


Price (without VAT): na požádání EUR
Price (with VAT):   on request EUR
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Past events on BE A RACE DRIVER

20.10.2022 - 21.10.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Slovakiaring (SK)already taken place
27.09.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Automotodrom Brno Oldtimer Track Test (CZ)already taken place
26.09.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Automotodrom Brno Race Test (CZ)already taken place
28.06.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Automotodrom Brno (CZ) 1:1 coachingalready taken place
27.06.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Automotodrom Brno (CZ) 1:1 coachingalready taken place
27.04.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Autodrom Most (ČR)already taken place
21.04.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Slovakiaring (SK)already taken place
20.04.2022BE A RACE DRIVER - Slovakiaring (SK)already taken place

Our race cars for rent

BMW M4 GT4 (G82)

BMW M4 GT4 (G82)

Newest factory developed and built racing car for the GT4 category, which you can try on all our trackday events. Always with a coach onboard and 1: 1 coaching.
BMW M4 G82 Competition Trackday EVO

BMW M4 G82 Competition Trackday EVO

BMW M4 G82 Competition Trackday EVO - car for maximum trackday performance and uncompromising use at European circuit events


With individual 1: 1 coaching "Be a race driver", you will learn to drive a race car dynamically and safely - like a professional. You will transfer this skill to your next career as a trackday pilot.

If you want to drive a car like a professional, individual coaching is inevitable. The champion of Europe and the Czech Republic in uphill and circuit races, Robert Šenkýř, and his coaches will tell you the tricks of racing drivers during individual training.

Want to know how good you are at driving? Where does your driving technique reach perfection and where do you still have potential?

Why 1: 1 individual coaching?

During "Be a race driver" training, your coach always sits in the passenger seat and immediately sees what is happening. During the day, you will exchange positions several times and, in addition to driving the reference lap, the coach will also show you skills that can be only difficult described in words.
This way, your learning progress is significantly faster and more effective than with regular group training.

Data analysis - an absolute must!

All coached laps are recorded by telemetry with video and data recording. You will see so beautifully in which passages you have what potential and where you are already going to the edge. This makes coaching even more efficient and safer. You will take home a review and possibly a set of data from your ride. So you will be able to walk in depth to what you experienced during coaching and watch your laps on video.


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Erik Janis

Erik Janis

Erik is a multiple Czech Champion and historically one of the two Czech go-kart European champions. The driver who was part of the junior Formula 3 Mercedes Benz team, the Czech national team member in the A1 GP. Since 2014, in addition to his own racing, he has been engaged in engineering activities for GT3 teams. As an engineer, he was also involved in second place for Senkyr Motorpsort in the International GT Masters 2019 at the Red Bull Ring.
Filip Sladecka

Filip Sladecka

Filip is one of the best currently driving pilots in the Central Europe region, with many titles and successes throughout Europe. From his debut in the Alfa Romeo WTCC, through his beginnings with BMW in the various evolutions of the BMW M3 of the Senkyr Motorsport team and his subsequent career in DTM cars, he has returned to the GT category. It doesn't matter where Filip started, he was always one of the fastest drivers on the track, who can analyze his ride and successfully moved himself and the car to the edge.
Jarek Janis

Jarek Janis

Czech race car driver, first Czech driver of the Champ Car World Series and second in Formula 1. In 2003, he was the official test driver of the Jordan F1 team. On October 24, 2004, as the first Czech, he started for the first time in the ChampCar race on the circuit in Surfers Paradise. Still active as a test and racing driver in the GT3 category. Since 2017 he has been cooperating with Šenkýř Motorsport as an engineer in the FIA ​​CEZ and International GT Open series.
Richard Gonda

Richard Gonda

According to statistics, the most successful Slovak rider in terms of the number of victories in major international races gained pole position and the highest percentage chance of winning the race. In his career, he won the prestigious Formula F3 Eurocup series and also tried out the special Formula GP2, GP3 and Indy-lights. Since 2017, he has been a pilot in GT3 category races for Šenkýř Motorsport team.
Robert Senkyr

Robert Senkyr

Two-time European hillclimb champion in the overall classification of touring cars division, multiple champion of the Czech and Slovak Republic in hillclimb and circuit races, long-term official member of the Czech national team and driver with a successful thirty-year racing career. Founder and owner of the Šenkýř Motorsport team, who created the methodology and concept of 1:1 coaching for trackday cars and their drivers.
Tomas Erdelyi

Tomas Erdelyi

Tomáš is a driver who has worked his way up from hobby hillclimb races to the top of the licensed races of the Czech and Slovak Republic circuit and hillclimb championship. He also won the FIA ​​CEZ Championship several times. From his first successes with the BMW M3 E36, he has worked his way up to the GT3 category with regular training and diligence, and rightly belongs to the Šenkýř Motorsport coach group.

Additional information

Those of you who want to continue can become part of the preparation for a real race, including obtaining a racing license and everything you need.
Don't be afraid of anything, for example the Creventic 24h series is a financially and drivers-friendly series of endurance races, ideal for starting a racing driver's career.

We also organize training days at our trackday events in Brno, Most, Pannoniaring, Slovakiaring or Spa Francorchamps. You can also rent our Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, M4 GT4 or M4 Competition Trackday Evo cars and, as always, will be with us all winter long at Endless Summer events in Spain and Portugal.

We are gradually looking for and supplementing other training days. If necessary, we will be happy to find other dates on selected European tracks of your choice.
The project is also intended for those of you who do not have the ambition to become a car racer, but simply want to try driving a race car under professional guidance.

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup training car

The Porsche 992 GT3 Cup is a purely racing car, available in the Šenkýř Motorsport team from the 2023 winter season. The 4.0-liter six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine provides an output of 375 kW (510 hp) in the new generation; with a clear indication of the intended goal: to compete and win. The new 911 GT3 Cup is ready for success on the racetrack, featuring a six-speed sequential gearbox, increased downforce, the double wishbone front suspension concept typical of racing cars and available ABS assistants or Porsche Motorsport traction control.

By renting a Porsche GT3 Cup, we have something to offer not only to new racing drivers, but also to those interested in 1:1 couching or a taxi ride, all at an affordable price.

BMW M4 GT4 training car

A novelty for the Šenkýř Motorsport team for the 2023 season is the BMW M4 GT4 G82 racing car. The factory special from BMW Motorsport has several performance modes in the range of 450-550 PS and a weight of 1400 kg. Its predecessor, the M4 GT4 F82, won several GT4 championships in the first year after its launch and was named the best racing car of 2018. Similar success is expected from the new G82.

The GT4 category is becoming more and more popular in the world, thanks to affordability and the price-performance-fun ratio, GT4 car racing is an increasingly popular category of motorsport.

BMW M4 G82 Competition Trackday Evo training car

This car is a new project of the Šenkýř Motorsport team for the 2023 season and replaced the M2 Competition Trackday Evo, one of the fastest coaching tools, which has already managed to show its potential on the circuits in Most (1:42.240), Slovakiaring (2:16.00) and Nordschleife (7:17.70) and became a favorite tool of our 1:1 coaching.

By renting out all our cars, we have something to offer not only to new racing drivers, but also to those interested in 1:1 coaching or a taxi ride, all at an affordable price.

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First time on track ?

Do you have your own sports car,  drive to trackday events from time to time and would you like to try a real race car at least once in your life under the supervision of a professional team and its support?

Don't be afraid and contact us!

We will prepare a program built to your wishes and experiences.

We will guide you through the entire training day so that you can enjoy the most of your time in the race car.
Our experienced racing coach will be with you in the car all time long and will show and explain everything to you. And most importantly, he will move you to the next level!


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FAQ's for


I booked the event using the booking form. What happens now?

Please transfer the total amount stated at the time of booking to our account 4211028159/6800.

Please enter your name and date of the event in the subject. Your place is certainly reserved and confirmed only after receiving the payment. You will receive an invoice and other necessary information from us well in advance of the event.


What happens if I can't attend an event unexpectedly?

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, we will proceed in accordance with our cancellation policy. If you cancel 30 days before the date of the event, we will refund 100% of the amount, 30-15 days before the event, we will refund 50% of the amount, 14-7 days before the event, 25% of the amount. If you cancel the event 4-1 the day before the event and if you do not come to the event at all, 100% of the amount will be forfeited.


What happens if the event is canceled due to Covid restrictions?

If the event is not held due to Covid restrictions, the event will be moved to another date, or the entry fee will be moved to another event of your choice, or returned.


Must I have experience with driving on a circuit ?

You don't have to. We will be happy to welcome you as a newcomer and help you with the first steps when driving around the circuit. At each of our trackday events there is a contingent of our coaches, ready to take care of you.


How to prepare a car for the first trackday event?

Not specifically, but it is necessary to keep the car clean and in good technical condition. We recommend checking all fluids, brake discs, pads and tires. Don't forget the towing eye at home! We recommend coming with a fully refueled car.


Tire pressure ?

Within the sporty driving on the track, your tires will get warm up and your pressure will increase. This reduces the area of ​​the tire that is in contact with the road and the car loses grip. The tire also wears out faster. To prevent this, we must constantly monitor and adjust the pressure. Follow the recommended values ​​on the label of your car. For standard tires we must not exceed the value specified for the loaded vehicle, for semislick tires the key values ​​are for a less loaded vehicle. Our mechanics will help with pressure measurement, or you can measure the pressure with your own pressure gauge. We also have digital sports pressure gauges for sale at the event. Don't forget to refill the pressure after the event. By street driving, the tire pressure drops again and you could go home on underinflated tires.


Does my car remain insured during the event?

Our trackday events are sports trainings focused on driver safety. They are not organized in order to achieve the highest speed or the best time. With many insurance companies, your insurance and comprehensive coverage are maintained in full. But  please ask your insurence company.


If my insurance does not apply on track, can I insure my car separately?

Yes, we can arrange special insurance for the race track on individual request.


Can I take an guest, another driver or children on the track, who can also go on the track?

Yes, we have booking options for other drivers or guests, see. paragraph "Complete prices". Children from the age of 16 are allowed to enter the track as co-drivers if the parent, as the driver of the car, assumes responsibility for this. You will receive the necessary documents at the accreditation.


Does my vehicle need to be registered and have a license plate in order to run on the track?

It doesn't have to. We organize our trackday events for vehicles with and without license plates. Exceptions are events at the Nürburgring, where only cars with license plates and tires approved for road use are permitted.


Can I book the individual 1: 1 coaching during the trackday?

Basically yes. However, most coaching units are always booked in advance. To be sure, we recommend that you book the required coaching capacity with the coach in advance.


Can I rent your sports car during the trackday?

Yes. But as with coaching, it is better to book a car in advance to be sure to get it.


Are there noise limits on some tracks?

Yes, some of the tracks have limited noise quotas. E.g. Nürburgring 130dB. Restrictions for particularly noisy cars also apply to Most and Spa Francorchamps. So far, it has never happened during our events that we have to park a car due to excessive noise.


OPEN PITLANE and Groups A / B - what's the difference?

Open Pitlane mode is all-day free driving without dividing into groups.

Driving in groups A and B (always a maximum of two groups) is required on circuits with low capacity.

The divisding into groups takes place according to the car and the level of experience. Thanks to this, the groups are homogeneous and you will enjoy your ride more. When group riding, each group usually has 8x 30 min. driving, which is more than enough for a serial or modified car and for your concentration.



Can I give someone a gift for the participation in a trackday event or a taxi ride?

Yes, we will prepare a gift voucher with the selected service for you. You can also donate personal coaching, a taxi ride with our instructor or your own gift ride in one of our racing or sports cars.


Can I also drive my own race car?

Yes you can, if you respect the trackday rules of our events.


I have a new car and I'm afraid of a lot of traffic on the track. Is there a risk of a collision, for example?

We organize our events under clear safety rules. If someone doesn't follow them, we'll take them off the track and explain once again that it's a trackday and not a race.
At our events, we pay attention to the limited number of cars on the track so that each participant has enough space for their ride. Thanks to the amount of time devoted to driving, you can also determine when you will enter the track when the track is empty.

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Products, that could come in handy

RN Lite

RN Lite

Better lap times with professional data recording. The all in one video and analysis system.
Manufacturer: Race Navigator   Product type: Data Analysis


Better lap times with professional data recording. The all in one video and analysis system.
Manufacturer: Race Navigator   Product type: Data Analysis
RN Pro

RN Pro

Better lap times with professional data recording. The benchmark for video and data analysis in motorsport.
Manufacturer: Race Navigator   Product type: Data Analysis
RN plug

RN plug

RN OBD Plug Scan Tool
Manufacturer: Race Navigator   Product type: Data Analysis
RN Case

RN Case

For the safe transport and storage of your Race Navigator.
Manufacturer: Race Navigator   Product type: Data Analysis