The worn original motor can be replaced "Plug & Play" with our repair motor. The replacement motor is equipped with the necessary pins and seals and can be pinned directly in the original BMW wiring harness. It is a spare part in original equipment quality. The alternative to save a new acquisition of the hydraulic unit.

Manufacturer: Senkyr Motorsport
Product type: Gearbox, shifting
For: BMW M3 E46

Price (without VAT): 449 EUR / set
Price (VAT included): 544 EUR / set

SMG 2 hydraulic unit repair kit for BMW E46 M3 incl. CSL


Are the following error messages, among others, stored in the error memory?

  • 53 (0x35) Pressure band undercut HE
  • 55 (0x37) Switch-on frequency of hydraulic unit
  • 56 (0x38) Duty cycle hydraulic unit
  • 57 (0x39) Abuse hydraulic unit

In most cases, the reason for this is the worn electric motor that drives the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic unit. 

The pump drive may be responsible for the following error pattern:

  • Gearbox warning light comes on
  • Engine light comes on
  • Gears are taken out
  • Gears can no longer be engaged

Manufacturer Senkyr Motorsport

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