Homologated end piece, made of high quality stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Supersprint
Product type: Exhausts
For: BMW M5 E39

Action price (without VAT): 587 EUR / pcs, Price (without VAT): 618 EUR / pcs
Action price (VAT included): 711 EUR / pcs, Price (VAT included): 748 EUR / pcs

Rear exhaust Supersprint  LEFT 2X90mm


Made of high quality stainless steel, which reduces the overall weight of the car and improves sound performance. This perfectly designed exhaust system has been tuned to deliver more power over the entire speed range and dramatically improve the sound.

Endpipes 2x90mm

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Technical information of Rear exhaust Supersprint LEFT 2X90mm

  • 1997-2004


  • End silencer with homologation.

Manufacturer Supersprint

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