For the installation of systems D1, D2, DZ and DZX we recommend ST wheel bolts in black or silver. Note that the length of the bolts depends on the thickness of the selected wheel spacer. In addition the type of screw seat and thread must be considered. Important note! Minimum thread engagement must be considered: M12x1,25 at least 8,0 turns M12x1,5 at least 6,5 turns M12x1,75 at least 6,5 turns M14x1,25 at least 9,0 turns M14x1,5 at least 7,5 turns 1/2“ at least 8,0 turns Caution: Wheel bolts that are too long may cause damage at the axle components!

Manufacturer: ST Suspensions
Product type: Wheel spacers

Wheel bolts set 10pcs

Manufacturer ST Suspensions